L7L Token Economics

What's the L7L tokenomics?

The L7L token is a governance token that you can earn, buy and trade - which you also can stake (lock-up) in our DAO to receive your proportional share of profits arising from all products built on the L7L protocol. It has a fixed supply of 100,000,000 L7L.

Before the first token sale, you can earn L7L, but they are not yet claimable, transferrable or tradeable. After the first token sale, however, your L7L get claimable, transferrable and tradeable, and you're on an optional basis able to stake (lock up) and unstake (unlock) your L7L tokens in the LE7EL DAO and receive interest and governance rights based on the following staking schedule.

If you just want to keep it very simple, you should just earn, buy, hold (and optionally trade) your L7L without participating in staking.

Overall, L7L pairs a fixed supply and solid community incentives with a strong strong financial demand-side ensuring long term viability as more and more products are getting built on top of the L7L protocol.